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Joomlaux - Extension

HTML5 and CSS3

Take full advantage of latest and greatest web technologies. These web standards offer more flexibility in creating extensions.

Fully Responsive

Our extensions adapt perfectly for all devices, no matter what resolution.

Cross-Browser Support

Our extensions are fully compatible with all modern browsers like Chrome, Firefox, Opera, Safari and Internet Explorer.

User Friendly Backend

We keep repeating this to ourselves and to each other: “Code like a nerd, but think like an average user.” We crave for powerful extensions that are also easy to use with intuitive admin interface.

Whole-hearted Support

We strive for an accessible, responsive and helpful support service. We offer help via community forum and ticket system.  Feel free to ring our bell on all weekdays, from 8am to 5pm (GMT+7).

Detailed Documentation

Every of our extensions comes with comprehensive document that is included in the package. Online versions are also available.
10 beautiful testimonial styles

With these 10 beautiful designs, your client’s testimonial will display nicely and easy to match with every templates

Multiple options in front end submit form 

Beside basic information like name, email, title, vote, captcha this testimonial also display other users’s info like company, position, location, website URL. 


Multiple options in front end submit form 

We have everything for you in the back-end control so what you can do is just on/off option – what a simple task!