JUX Background Video

JUX Background Video is one of the most caring Joomla modules in our profile with lots of outstanding features. The module perfectly shines your Joomla site with the full-screen video nicely playing. The Joomla background video is so flexible in stretching your videos to fill the screen and makes it harmonize with your site’s content.

Remarkable Features

  • Video source from YouTube
  • Unlimited Videos with continuous play
  • Extremely Easy to Use
  • Flexible Configuration
  • Overlay: none, pattern, color
  • Background image supported
  • Autoplay videos
  • Control bar supported
  • Volume supported

background video

Beautifully display on any devices

With high retina and fully responsive offering, the Joomla module keeps a beautiful display on any screens, so you will get good experience though you are using any devices.

background video

background video

Flexible Stretching Video

The Joomla background video allows users flexibly to stretch the background video to fill the screen and make it harmonize with their site’s content. Currently, JUX Background Video offers 2 styles of displaying which are full-screen and module position. You need to consider the layout and design of your site to choose the perfect one

Easy Video Management

The demo shows you the region to pick up your expected video as well as a control bar which allows you to manage the video as pausing, next /back option, HD or higher quality, and so on. Plus, the YouTube icons help you directly view the video on YouTube and view the full-screen video if you want just by click to the "view full-screen icon".

background video

background video

Image Fallback Offering

What is an image fallback? A fallback image is used when your main image is distracted and an image fallback will be displayed instead of the failed image. Thanks to Image Fallback, your site's beautiful look on every touch device.

Drag & drop Backend Management

Last but not least, users will find lots of fun with the drag and drop action in the backend management which gives users an easy way to change everything you want in the backend.

background video

Final thoughts

JUX Background Video is one of our best-selling Joomla extensions which gets high ratings and praise comments from our customers. If you are in this aim, why don't you try using this awesome Joomla background video?


JUX Background Video is an innovative fullscreen background video module for Joomla!
It can be displayed as full-screen or in the module position.
Take a tour of our demo to learn more about its features.
Demo Control
FullScreen BG
Position BG


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