JUX Social Stream

JUX Social Stream is an easy way to combine all of social networking activities into one single social stream and display on the Joomla site with the wall or masonry style. The Joomla module creates a good experience in a beautiful social stream with a convenient to get full information as well as do some engagements without directly visiting these social networks.

Highlight Features

  • Beautiful and Modern Design
  • List and Wall Layouts
  • Extremely Easy to Use
  • Social Share Supported
  • Simple & Easy-to-use Configuration
  • Higher Engagement with Audiences
  • The Controllable Backend

social stream

social stream

1. List and Wall layout

Joomla Social Stream gives you a single stream for all of your social network updates, and you can display them in two different formats: A rotating feed (list layout), or network wall (masonry layout).

2. Higher Engagement

Your audience will easily engage with the social feed through the social stream as well as action like they are directly on the official social page. They get the preview text and are able to share the post through 4 main social networks. Furthermore, audiences also take a visit to social profile of the post owner with a click and follow other posts of this author.

social stream

social stream

3. Popular Social Feeds

The social stream module offers more than 15 most popular social networks as Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Instagram, Pinterest and so on. Thanks to that amazing thing, you can display most of favorable social feeds on your site instead of each network feed, much more convenient. .

4. The easy-to-control backend

Admin control is the most powerful area where you can manage which social networks will be displayed, limited feed count, social layout, and so on.

social stream

Social Wall
Social List
Facebook Page


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