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Facebook Events extension is an indispensable Joomla module to combine all different Facebook events on your fan page into a single stream and help you easily manage them.

This module helps to display all events on Calendar. To get it worked, the ID of your Facebook fan page where you created events is required. Keep in your mind that Facebook Events doesn’t get data from personal Facebook page. 

Additionally, Facebook Events Module offers Sidebar option that helps your event collection fits the humble space on your site. 

With Facebook Event, you can set initial view as Calendar or Event List.

Displaying events in Calendar style helps you have an overview of what event occurred and is going to occur with time. Now, you can manage all your events without scrolling Facebook history. Time-saving, right?

With Event List style, you can choose to display events in list or grid layout and you can change it any time you want.

Stick to criterion of a user-friendly extension, management of this module is a piece of cake now! You can customize it as you wish by style, color, on/off information of page detail in admin site.

Like other products of JoomlaUX team, Facebook Event module is 100% responsive. No matter how large or small your screen is, images and content will automatically adjust to fit it and be perfectly shown.

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