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Joomlaux - Extension

JUX Basic Weather is a Joomla module built to help users to select location and check its weather forecast. The module also provides efficient configuration to display more detailed information of weather forecast such as hum
idity, visibility, wind and forecast of the next 5 days.


·         Select forecast information from or

·         Fetch information of city where you need to check forecast detail

·         Option to display certain detail of weather forecast

Basic Options


Location Identifier

Check the links in description to find city codes

City Code

Insert city code here. If location identifier is use the WOEID city code else location identifier is use the LOCATION city code 

Example location code: UKXX0085:London, EGXX0011:Luxor, UKXX0061:Glasgow

Yahoo woeid code:2502265:Sunnyvale,2459115:New York

Use temperature

Display temperature in Celsius or Fahrenheit.

Weather Background

Set show/hide weather image

Show Country

Set show/hide Country

High / Low

Show High / Low degree of temperature.

Show wind

Show/Hide the wind speed

Show humidity

Set show/hide humidity


The leghth of distance visible in selected location and provided weather condition.

Show sunrise time

Set show/hide sunrise time

Show sunset time

Set show/hide sunset time

Show forecast

Set show/hide forecast

Full forecase link

Set full forecase link

























1.      Entering City list

When entering city list, you need to enter the code and each city’s name on a line in this format: city’s code: city’s name 

I.e: with London and Luxor:

Location Identifier =



2.      How to collect city’s code

2.1      Location Identifier =

To get the city code you must go to and under "Localweather" enter your city name:


On the search result page select your city:


Now you will find the citycode in the URL


For the example above, "Palma de Mallorca, Spain" has the city code: SPXX0061

2.2      Location Identifier =

You need to perform these steps:

·         Go to and type in your zip code (or your city).

·         If there is more than one choice, pick the one you want.

·         Locate the link "extended forecast" under "6-10 day" column. Click it.

·         Look at the URL address bar. You should see something like