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Demo Controls

Try out a few of the basic options to see what our Mega Menu can do. There are many more options available on the Backend!

JUX Mega Menu

Finding a beautiful and different mega menu module, JUX Mega Menu will be a good option. The Joomla module allows you to set up a beautiful Mega menu on your Joomla site with ease. The module will diversify the content you choose to display on the menu with various types including texts, images, videos, forms, or evenly other modules. Follow us to explore the reason make the mega menu module stand out among others.

Outstanding Features

  • Multiple Content Types
  • Tab Menu Styles
  • Extremely Easy to Use
  • 11 Preset Styles
  • Fancy Animation Effects
  • Sub menu Customization
  • High Ratings & Reviews
  • Beautiful & modern Look

menu menu

menu menu

Tab menu/ Click Tab

Tab menu is the outstanding feature of this responsive mega menu module. JUX Mega Menu offers Tab menu with two styles including vertical tab styles and horizontal tab styles which are so useful to display a big content of your expected menu on the site.

Multiple Types of Content

You will cannot find out any Joomla mega menu that displays as many content types as JUX Mega Menu do. The module shows you tons of content including texts, images, videos, forms, or evenly other modules.

menu menu

menu menu

Sub-menu Customizations

With the store with large scales, sub menu plays an important role in setting up your mega menu. The Joomla module gives you more customization in module and row for your sub-menu. You can flexibly set up multi-rows and multi-modules for your sub-menu with ease.

Fully Controllable in the Backend

The drop-down mega menu will make your worries in the backend management disappear with a fully controllable backend. Admin can easily arrange columns, change item’s icon, add effects or perform any tasks around menu things with ease.

menu menu

Fancy Animation Effects

When using JUX Mega Menu, you can play with it and feel attractive with lots of animation effects the module offers. Setting up menu to your site is not so strict now, the easy-to-use feature and fancy effects give you joys. Currently, the module dedicates you 10 animations effects to play with.

menu menu

menu menu

Great User Experience

The responsive mega menu can be displayed in the vertical or horizontal layout. And to ensure great User Experience, it also supports light, fast, beautiful design with 6 different theme color options. If you are looking for more theme color options, with all features as same as JUX Mega Menu, please take a look at ourCSS3 Mega Menu for more choices.

Full Features

Once again, JUX Mega Menu is a good solution if you are gonna build up a nice mega menu with tons of stunning features. Now we will explore more awesome features of this Joomla module to know why the module stands out among other mega menu extensions.

menu menu