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JUX Mega Menu

Finding a beautiful and different mega menu module, JUX Mega Menu will be a good option. The Joomla module allows you to set up a beautiful Mega menu on your Joomla site with ease. The module will diversify the content you choose to display on the menu with various types including texts, images, videos, forms, or evenly other modules. Follow us to explore the reason make the mega menu module stand out among others.

Outstanding Features

  • Multiple Content Types
  • Tab Menu Styles
  • Extremely Easy to Use
  • 11 Preset Styles
  • Fancy Animation Effects
  • Sub menu Customization
  • High Ratings & Reviews
  • Beautiful & modern Look

menu menu

Joomla Mega Menu- Multi Menu

menu menu

Tab menu/ Click Tab

Tab menu is the outstanding feature of this responsive mega menu module. JUX Mega Menu offers Tab menu with two styles including vertical tab styles and horizontal tab styles which are so useful to display a big content of your expected menu on the site.

Multiple Types of Content

You will cannot find out any Joomla mega menu that displays as many content types as JUX Mega Menu do. The module shows you tons of content including texts, images, videos, forms, or evenly other modules.

menu menu